Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Here is Richard's great review of BASTARDS 2 over at the FP Blog.
And here comes the capitalism...

BASTARDS 2 - for sale here!

Yes indeed! It's £10 in the shops and it's £10 here. But if you buy it here you get:
a) It signed. By me. Which will be worth a fortune. If I become famous and then die.
b) The nude celeb drawing. (Yes - this is a serious offer)

Just fill in the name of your desired celebrity in the details box below.


BASTARDS 1&2 bumper pack - for sale here!

It's true. You can buy the first and second BASTARDS collections - for a full pound less than in the shops (which comes in at £14) + free p&P and the now legendary naked famous person portrait.


I'll be mailing stuff out as soon as the orders come (flooding) in or I can deliver by hand at either this weekend's MCM Expo or Leeds Thought Bubble.

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