Friday, May 15, 2009

This year's Bristol Expo was a resounding success despite impending financialgeddon and the inevitable downsizing that brought. In fact I enjoyed it so much I wrote a seven-point evaluation for downthetubes here. There was only room to run a couple of photos so I thought I'd post some others here. These mostly taken at Mallory's absolutely fantastic adjacently-run SPExpo, which I've heard will be returning next year.

Tim Keable draws West LIVE! for fans

Phil 'Ninja Bunny' Spence and Claire 'Bogus Baby' Power

Those crazy cats at Itch Manga - Dan Hartwell, Karen Reubens and Willie Hewes

The inimitable Los Bros Goodman

The Godfathers of UK Indy comics - Paul Rainey and Peet! Clack

Dave West of Accent UK, the only publishers in Britain with a proper business plan!

Team Murky Depths caught on a break!

Accent UK's second outpost back at the Ramada - see, I told you they had a plan!

Selina holds fort at the Factor Fiction table while Jay parties at the SP Expo

Andy Winter, standing strong against charges of misogyny
(He is later heard threatening to take a critic round the back
and misogynise them if they don't write him a good review.
That's all you need to know about the small press right there!)

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