Friday, May 08, 2009

I just got back from nine fantastic days up a mountain on the East coast of Sardinia. I have to get ready for tomorrow (see bottom of this post) so no time for proper blogging, but stay tuned for updates on the Parisian Casita project I've been working on with Dan Goodbrey, late night radio, 80s transfers, John Byrne (not that one), harp guitar and photos of a mountain.

When I was away I automated some messages to my Twitter feed using (the occasionally shaky) futuretweet. This seemed to confuse everyone - clients thought I was online and friends thought I'd swallowed a little book of Zen. (Hi James). Oh well...
The quotes were all from here.

Some stuff and links and things:
Awesome bike
Awesome scrolly comic (via everyone in comics)
Awesome article (via cracksh0t)
Awesome new comic by Jason
Awesome review of Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle (by Stewart Lee)

I'll be at the Bristol Comics Expo this weekend if anyone's looking for me. I'll be co-writing a report on the comics mega event for downthetubes. If you want mentioned do something outrageous in my general vicinity. Just do it quietly - I'm feeling serene.

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