Friday, May 22, 2009

There'll be nothing left of Stratford by the time they're done!

All set for the bank holiday?
Yeah - I bet you are!

I'm going to be offline for the weekend, but just before I go, a couple of recommendations for you:

Manwha 100 near Trafalger Square - I was at the launch party on Wednesday night and it's awesome! (Review coming soon)

Man Saves Ducks! - a heartwarming, if mystifying, video at the BBC

Absolutely amazing photos taken from Hubble, which I believe was running on two flat AA batteries and a servo motor from a Japanese Transformer toy knockoff until until Astro Mike got there! (Also from the BBC)

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Unknown said...

That's a really cracking photo…

David Baillie said...

Thanks mate.
I'm chuffed I got the camera working again.

See you on Monday!

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