Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Willy Nelson's version of Careless Whisper is just awesome. If you're not listening to it right now you really should be. I can't get enough of it.

Something odd has happened to the road I live on - since the dawn of '09 it seems to have become the location of a permanent traffic jam. This is odd because there is absolutely no reason for anyone to drive down it, never mind lots of people. I suspect that some dashboard-navigation system or other has started recommending it as a shortcut to somewhere exciting. Certainly the people in expensive cars currently stuck outside the laundrette seem surprised to be there.

Although what really made me laugh as I walked past the scene this morning was the drug dealer whose most recent transaction had gone badly. I got the impression that normally he'd speed off, leaving his bummed-out customer in his rear view mirror, but instead he's stuck in a procession of confused drivers all tapping their Tom Toms, as a man rants at him through a shut passenger window. He'd turned up his stereo, but I bet it wasn't helping.

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Now where did I put my orange juice?

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