Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nick Abadzis is awesome. I've thought this for years. He recently serialised a story called The Trial of the Sober Dog in The Times, and it was awesome. It's now up on his website!

Ross McDonald is awesome. (He is dead now, but his awesomeness transcends mortality, and so that last sentence will remain in the present tense.) Here are some great quotes from a few of his novels.

Scott Adams is awesome. I've raved about him and his cleverness here before. This is a recent interview with him, which is awesome, and which I really enjoyed reading. In said interview he mentions 'affirmations'. He demonstrated his awesomeness and cleverness when discussing the idea further in a blog post a while ago. I think that blog post has now been removed (and publishing in a book) but it was quoted over at

Edward Gorey is awesome. A lost gem of his called The Recently Deflowered Girl was posted about the Internet recently - I think it'll remain up here for a good while.



aqws said...

Nick Abadzis is like, my mentor. I stole my computer off him!

David Baillie said...

Well, Mr Aggs, you can tell him that I think he's awesome!

Hope you're well, sir.

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