Saturday, January 17, 2009

'Hello. Sorry to disturb you. We are talking to people this morning about the Bible and the End of Times.'
'Thanks but I'm working right now.'
'The world is ending, sir.'
'I'd better get on, then.'

The Google Alerts service has suddenly become a lot less useful for me. In case (somehow) you didn't hear, Google made headlines last year when it employed roughly three thousand Argentinian pensioners to continually 'Google' search strings submitted by users. When new results appear, a leathery OAP emails the result to the interested party. They really are the smartest, fastest old folks on the planet, and I don't see what all the fuss is about.

Anyway - I registered the phrase "david baillie" comics with Google Alerts, so that when my name appears on a website or blog along with the word 'comics' I receive an email alert with a link and can go and check to see if I'm being praised or, more likely, slandered (or is that libelled?). Unfortunately the wrinkly ones are sending me links to any and all new posts containing the word 'comics', if the blog links to me in its sidebar.

Does anyone have the email address of one of the oldsters so that I can request that they change their settings?

Here's more of me messing about with vectors - it's a redo of an original image I drew for Accent UK's Westerns anthology (which you'll see if you scroll down and check out the October 11 2008 post).

Whatever happened to Miki Berenyi?

In other news...
Harper days are here again!

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