Saturday, November 01, 2008

Greetings fellow Internet travellers.

A couple of things worth talking about today... First up is the (almost, just, kind-of-in-time-for) Halloween treat I received in my InBox today from animator and comics raconteur David Hailwood. Fans of Accent UK's annual anthology books might have happened across my Zombie Interviews a couple of years ago - well David has taken it upon himself to animate them. I was excited when he told me about his plans and nearly had an embolism when they showed up. That's how good they are.

Here, for your enjoyment are the first two (he's hoping to crack on with another couple, I think, when he has time):

Zombie Interview 1

Zombie Interview 2

Superb, huh? Animation is even more labour intensive than comics, and David tells me that the 'render processing' took over three hours alone.

The other thing I have been long overdue in mentioning on here was a review that Richard Bruton very kindly posted of my last few comics on the Forbidden Planet website.
"I’d recommend checking out his work for yourselves. Ever changing, always trying something new and different. A great artist making great stories."
I read the piece when I got back from the BICS shindig a couple of weeks ago and, in my shellshocked and shattered state, it actually brought a tear to my eye. So thank you very much, Richard!

If that's not enough, I'm lead to believe that next week some of my work will be invading UK newsagents. Stay tuned.

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