Friday, May 16, 2008

Well I made it to the Comic Expo last week, despite not knowing until the last minute whether I could afford the time. In the end I was terrified of missing anything and went along for the Friday and Saturday, but instead of late night bar-surfing returned to the hotel and got some work done. I also found a stall in a market in town selling hundreds of old 60s and 70s sci-fi mags. I was (and continue to be) in geek heaven!

Hello to everyone I met / hung out with / didn't get a chance to hang out with.
Anyone who left without a copy of Andy Winter's Septic Isle, Bob Byrne's Mr Amperduke or Joel Meadow's Studio Space is either poor or a fool. (Poor fool is also an option).

I just got back from the DFC launch party - which was a fun filled affair (and another opportunity for hanging out - it seems to be all I do these days...). I just have time for a quick blog post, a Belly Button update (29! 29! 29!) and emailing in some work before catching about twenty minutes sleep and heading off for the weekend.

More nude sketches from the last time I joined Sean at his life drawing classes:

More Elephant Words:
Number 13
El Capitan
The Revenge of Suzanne

recommended entertainment while i'm gone:
To listen and read : As Befits a Man (as heard on A Prairie Home Companion last week)
To read: Outbreak of Violets (Alan Moore)
To watch: A Chris Ware animation from This American Life
To read and donate: A great Gene Colan story from Mystery Tales #1
(If you don't know; Mr Colan is very ill at the moment, and his family are struggling to pay the medical bills. Paypal donations to are being gratefully accepted)

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