Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hello again

A bit snowed under with stuff I should be doing, stuff I want to do and other stuff that I'll probably get done at some point. In the meantime - I don't think it's too early to start getting excited about NoBarCodes - the all-day Uk indie comics extravaganza at Camden Lock Market on the 31st of of this month.

That's 9 days time, kids!

In double celebration - of this awesome event and the debut of Tongue of the Dead in glorious hardback - I'm offering a special not-to-be-repeated deal.

Yeah - that's 20% off. Just print off the voucher and bring it along on the day.
I'll also have Mindy/Pool and Rocketboy on sale, for anyone who hasn't picked up those yet.

Look to for more news about NoBarCodes.

New Elephant Word: Playground

John Carlin reports for the Observer on why Iceland is the happiest place on Earth. (I've been twice, and I can believe it).
A nice Jack Kirby piece in last Friday's Independent.
An Hour with John Pertwee on BBC radio 7, available until this Saturday

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