Tuesday, April 22, 2008

He took a duck in the face at two hundred and fifty knots.

I just finished William Gibson's second newest novel, Pattern Recognition. My friend Big Dave bought it in hardback on the Monday it hit the shops and loaned it to me on the Wednesday, after he'd read it. I love Gibson's stuff, but for some reason the book didn't click with me - I hit about page 70 and let it rest on a shelf, meaning to finish it at a later date. Six years later Big Dave is living in Australia and I just picked the book up again on a whim. This time everything fell into place - I wonder if it was the clipped present tense prose that put me off before - and I inhaled it in about a week, travelling to and between gigs. I felt a bit let down by the penultimate chapter, but the final one sorted everything out for me.

Big Dave - if you're reading this - do you want your book back?

The Belly Button has been deliberately delayed for a double update this week, but if you're hanging around with nothing to read, my two new fiction experiments over at EW are:
Project Perfect and The Wisdom of Uncle Sammy.

Oh - and if anyone was expecting me to be in New York last week, I wasn't. I registered for NY Comicon, but then had to bail when other business came up here in the Uk. What did I miss?

This week's a bit manic as I'm all over the place for meetings and stuff, so apologies if you're waiting on an email or hoping for a back rub.

More before the wknd.

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