Monday, February 18, 2008

Hello my neglected friends...

Busy, busy, busy week at Baillie Mansions... Speaking of which - if you change your religion on Facebook does everyone get a notification like they do when you change relationship status? I've given up on Facebook. Every time I log in I have a million invitations to look at crapbook or compare cats with someone. I mean - WTF?

While you're waiting for interesting things to happen you should go read this great short story, Wikihistory by Desmond Warzel. (thanks to MattyBad for finding it)

For fans of The Big Lebowski: this is a very funny (and not safe for work) re-edit.

I realise I haven't posted any tasty art here for a while, so here's the page I did for the awesome 24 Minute Comic at last year's Caption.

The rest of the comic can be found at Jinty's Flickr wotsit...

Now it's on to the blatant self-promotion section of the post.
(Hope you don't mind)

The boys at Indie Review have very kindly posted an in-depth interview with yours truly.
Their site has just undergone a revamp and looks great - it's a one stop shop for interesting stuff about the UK indie press and also has some great advice for new creators up there.

In other news you can now get more of me every week.
How? I hear you ask! Well... read on:

Elephant Words is the brainchild of Nicolas Papaconstantinou - a great burst fiction site which I talked about here when it launched, mostly because it features weekly work by my good friends Douglas Strip For Me and Andy Candy.

Last week they held auditions for a replacement for the legendary Rol Hirst. My piece went up along with a bundle of others (you can read it here, but I warn you now, it has lots of bad words in it!) and I was selected from a fine list of writers to join the official roster.

My new piece - The Sentry and the Centaur can be found here.
Hope you like.

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