Monday, February 04, 2008

As anyone reading this week's Belly Button Chronicles will notice, I opted to scan the whole thing rather than rip out the pages.

Over at tysdiorbad Mattybum Badham interviews cartoonist Ellen Lindner.

Once you're finished reading that - two new comics for you to check out:
Friends in Spring, by my good friend Paul Fryer.
And Turtle Guitar by Ben Powis - which was brought to my attention by the lads at indiereview, and then I was pleased to see it turn at up at the stall on Saturday.

Speaking of the stall - you should really click here and check out the new video promoting that very same and awesome comics outlet. I star in this one... Although I might accept second billing to Alan Moore. OK, maybe third...

Oh my God - am I nothing but a bit player?


Anonymous said...

Hi David,
Thanks very much for linking to Turtle Guitar, I hope you enjoyed it!
Lovely work you have on this site,
All the best,

David Baillie said...

My pleasure, Ben. I really enjoyed Turtle Guitar - and so has everyone who picked it up at the stall.

Keep up the awesome work!

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