Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'm up late tonight finishing up (and middling-in) various bits of work. One of the things on my drawing table is a two page strip for the Tripwire Annual's Stripwire section. Here's a quick preview...

I had planned to have it finished before the Bristol Comics Expo this weekend, but it's looking like that's might not happen. (Sorry Joel - next week!)

Some links...

Helvetica is 50. Did anyone see the documentary?

The Web Wars have started:

Legitimate businesses are turning to cyber criminals to help them cripple rival websites, say security experts.

The rise in industrial sabotage comes as some suggest cyber criminals are turning away from using web-based attack tools in extortion rackets.

This used to be my favourite subject for sci-fi short stories when I was a teen. Now it's the real world. What do you know?

TwoMorrows Publishing is going to sell digital editions of its excellent line of magazines.

They'll be half the retail price of the print equivalent (about 3 US dollars) which, considering they sell for about a fiver sterling when they hit the UK, is an absolute bargain for anyone over here. The benefits of switching to binary magazines include early availability, colour interiors and a reduced risk of your mum accidentally throwing them into the recycling bin.

As mentioned at the start of this rambling shambles of a post I'll be at Bristol all weekend, hanging out with the usual suspects and looking for work. If you are one of the usual suspects or would like to talk to me about a project I've been reliably informed that I'll be online all weekend thanks to newly installed wireless technology in the main hall, so drop me an email.

If you're there too you might end up in the convention report that I'll be co-writing with Leon Hewitt and Matt Badham for

This is what we remember about the 2000AD thirtieth birthday bash the week before last.

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