Friday, March 16, 2007

I am radioactive!

At 930 this morning I was injected with Technetium 99 and for the next 24 hours I will be emitting gamma rays. They're going to shoot me with a gamma gun (tm Jack Kirby presumably?) in a couple of hours. In the meantime I've come home to draw and sort out my schedule for next week.

And maybe tidy my room since I'm expecting visitors this weekend.

Speaking of which - what kind of idiot invites comments on a blog post and then disables commenting? Me, that's right. Comments are now enabled (thanks for letting me know, Paul!) and the whole world can now let me know if they're around this weekend for The Thing.

Mark Evanier has the transcript of one of those Arnold Drake / Bob Kane anecdotes I was raving about in the last post. You have to go read it, it's priceless.
I corresponded with Arnold in the seventies and met him in person in the early eighties. This is kind of a cliché but that doesn't mean it isn't accurate. He was a writer who made you feel like a writer. He was very serious about his work and always discussed it with people as if their opinions and respect mattered to him. He was full of wonderful anecdotes about the business and unlike some others I've interviewed, I found that Arnold's accounts usually checked out.

Back to work...


Andy Luke said...

Thanks for a smashing time over the weekend David. I picked up all manner of environmental illnesses, and a shopping trolleys worth of scandalous gossip, which floats my boat.

I meant to tell you face-to-face that I recently read the Indiscriminate Device, and it brought tears to my eyes. Its been a long time since a comic did that.

You're a good man, David Baillie.

David Baillie said...

Thanks for the kind words, Mr Luke.

Also thank you for gracing my home with your presence - it was much appreciated!

Now tell me more about the shopping trolleys!

Andy Luke said...

Ohhhhh its all coming back to me now. When the hell did I start talking about Tescos and their 250 pound bloody shopping trolleys ?

Give yer Spider-Man a slap from me, and tell him thats for siding with the Neocons and selling out our freedoms. Then give him a big hug and sign him up to a counselling service.

David Baillie said...

My Spidey is hardier than he looks. He slapped me back.
Now 'tis I who need counseling!

You can try next time you're over.

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