Sunday, January 21, 2007

And without further ado, here is my long-overdue Best Of List for 2006
Graphic Novel
Acme Novelty Library Annual Report to Shareholders, while perhaps not technically a‘novel’ was the best longform comics project of the year by many, many miles.

Best single issue of a comic
Civil War #1 (What happened to the rest of the series though? I thought this was going to be really good. Steve McNiven is a fantastic artist - the Captain America 'fight' in this issue was one of the best actions scenes I've ever read in a comic.)
Or any issue of the Solo series, although Darwyn Cooke and Brendan McCarthy’s were probably my favourites.

Best UK Small Press
Gordon Johnston’s 24 parody, Class of 24
Dan Fish’s Milleresque, McMahon-ish, really-fun 24 hour comic, 4321
Dave West’s The Myopians

Best Comics-related Launch party
Tales from the Flat
This was the busiest launch party I’ve ever been invited to – taking over an entire late bar in Clapham with its comicbook craziness. Tales from the Flat is also a fabulous read. Those crazy kids will go far, mark my words.

Best comics character of the year
Dirty Frank from 2000AD’s excellent Low Life by Rob Williams. (Ummm… This may not have been published in ’06, but that’s when I read it).

Best novel (new disclaimer!) that I read in 2006
Light by M. John Harrison (although it was written a couple of years ago)
The Devil You Know by Mike Carey

Best non-fiction book (I read in 2006)
Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell (written more than a couple of years ago)
Tricks of the Mind by Derren Brown

Best Comics Convention / Expo / Show etc. etc
Birmingham International Comics Show in December. Lovely venue, great panels, interesting guests.
(The NY Comicon was poorly organised, San Diego was too busy, crazy and hot and Bristol was great as usual, but pipped to the post this year by the new pretender to the UK comics scene throne)

The Departed
Cave of the Yellow Dog
Little Miss Sunshine

Best Film Moment
Kids’ commentary as they sat behind us in Superman Returns:
When Lois Lane tells Superman that she can’t going flying with him for long…
Kid #1: She’s got diarrhoea!
When Lex Luthor produces a giant piece of Kryptonite and his assistant asks what that is.
Kid #2: Green poo.
Whenever Lex Luthor’s name was said by any character in the film…
Kids #1, #2 and #3: Lex Poothor!

Best Theatre Experience
Although Spamalot was a bundle of fun, this award has to go to Avenue Q, which is just brilliant. Try and get cheap tickets and be prepared to laugh a lot.

Best TV
I didn’t watch any TV this year. Except a couple of episodes of Lost, which were pretty good. And the Danny Wallace episode of Horizon ‘Why aren’t Apes Human?’
I think Danny wins this.

I only bought Rogue Trooper and Ultimate Spider-Man in 2006. Both are pretty good. Haven’t finished either of them. I should have left this out shouldn’t I?

In other Best Of 2006 related news the Eagle Award nominations are up. These are UK awards for the best comic efforts of the year. You’ll notice a shortage of options in the Best Black and White Comicbook – British field (although all those currently listed there are great books). Please feel free to nominate Tongue of the Dead, if you so wish. (Although only if you’ve read it!)

And before anyone accuses me of surreptitiously soliciting votes, I’m sure my (s)tablemates would appreciate votes for Strip For Me or Nomad Church, too. It’d also be great to see Tales From the Flat, The Myopians, Class of 24 , HeroKillers and 4321 up there.


Paul Fryer said...

Hooraayy! :D

I got Ultimate Spiderman the other day, to stop me from relentlessly buying up the comics. It's great! Thwipp!

Also; is that you that takes his face off in the benylin advert?

David Baillie said...

Benilyn advert? I don't recall starring in any teevee advertisements.

But I'm with you all the way on the thwipping! I'm stuck on the 'chase Electro' level.

Paul Fryer said...

shit, yeah that took me ages. There's a knack to it! When he stops, and you get close, he explodes, and can send you flying off all ways. So! Keep an eye on him! He kinda waves his arms about and goes "argh" before he does his exploding trick, so as soon as you see him do that pull your right trigger and get outta there! Then give chase once again! Look out for the tall buildings though, if you jump up as he descends down you lose. -_- Sucks!

David Baillie said...

Yeah - it's when he comes down from the second tall building I always lose him. Complete pain in the arse. I end up going back to the spidey level and beating up thugs instead.

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