Friday, December 01, 2006

Scratch that last criticism of Blogger Beta. I kind of thought I must be doing something wrong, and I was. I was clicking on the login for original Blogger. It's kind of a pain that I can't comment on non-Beta blogs now, though.

(Which reminds me - feel free to leave a comment any time you like!)

Working hard on both TotD and website 2. Watch this space as they say...

I've been listening to old Fanboy Radio podcasts while working. If you don't know who FBR are - they're a Yankee radio station that interview comics creators over the phone. I think they do two shows a week.

I avoiding them for years as I assumed they'd be really geeky. Of course they are a wee bit (that's almost unavoidable given the subject) but they're also good drawing listening. This week they've interviewed Joss Whedon (Buffy, Serenity) and Mike Mignola (Hellboy, The Amazing Screw On Head).

Apart from that I've been listening to comedy on the BBC Radio Player and a couple of ambient channels I found on Shoutcast. Cryosleep (zerobeat guaranteed!) is great for just after one in the morning.

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