Monday, December 11, 2006

Just back from the Birmingham International Comics Show.
It was great.
Very tired.
Vocabulary depleted.
(It took me about thirty seconds to find the word 'vocabulary').

Hello to anyone who picked up a business card / comic / badge. I hope you will treasure the card / enjoy the comic / wear the badge with pride.

I'm too tired to talk about comics or anything else so you'll have to read someone else's witterings...

With religion increasingly polarised, is there any benefit in not knowing if there is a higher power? Mark Vernon - an ex-vicar - explains why agnosticism is his creed.

Chris Eliopoulos writes for CBR about labels.
We all think he's great.

Whenever I meet people at, say, a wedding or a party, they ask me what I do? I do plenty of things. I brush my teeth, I eat food, I take showers, I drive my kids to school, I watch football games. But that’s not what they want to know—really. What they really want to know is what do I do for a living, so they can judge me as someone worthy of talking to or someone to make a run to the bar to avoid.

But to be honest, I can’t really describe what I do, so I usually say I’m an insurance salesman and, moments later, they make that run to the bar.


Anonymous said...

"What they really want to know is what do I do for a living, so they can judge me as someone worthy of talking to or someone to make a run to the bar to avoid."

I get that a lot too. It'd be different if I actually DREW or something like that.

BTW, you're like totally on Heidi's blog.

Anyway, sounds like it was really fun. You comin' out to San Francisco?

David Baillie said...

I've given up telling people what I do. Especially at weddings... You end up having the same conversation again and again. I tend to now go with bare knuckle prize fighter or brain surgeon.

That is me on the Beat though, isn't it? Am I famous now?

I was the Grant Morrison impersonator mentioned in the article in case you hadn't guessed.

San Fran is a maybe - definitely doing the NY con though. How about yourself?

Anonymous said...

I keep seeing reference to
"the Grant Morrison impersonator" on ter webs, but I don't know what the hell anybody is talking about. Were you wearing PVC pants or something? ;-)

We're not doing NYCC 2007. 2006 was a bit of a fluke. But since it's been moved to Spring, 2008 is worth considering.

We'll definitely be at WonderCon. We're rather homesick for SF and it's an excuse to go.

David Baillie said...

The joke was that I would impersonate Grant Morrison for the first minute or so of the Kryponite Factor quiz, given that we're both bald and Scottish.

Apparently they discovered the error sooner since I was making complete sense.

I would love to do SF, since I've never been. It's all a question of pennies though...

Hope you and the fella have a great Xmas!

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