Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Back from Brum and almost recovered. The short version of my report is as follows:
I was thrown off one panel for being a fraud. Then when asked to be on another at the last minute, rambled incoherently due to my hangover being far mightier than my knowledge of the topic on which I was supposed to be an expert.

I failed to fix Joel's corrupted Powerpoint presentation for Mssrs. Fegredo and Philips and so they had reduce their interview to 24 seconds.

Everyone is baffled by Tongue of the Dead #2.
I sold out of Mindy Pool (which took me a day and a half to make) and A Dog's Tale (which was my 24 hour comic). No one wanted anything else, which suggests that if I take any longer than an hour a page on something it's rubbish. But then someone mocked the 24 minute page I did for Ade Browns's 24 minute comic, which leaves me a theoretical window of 24-60 minutes in which my work might be deemed acceptable.

Then we found a secret toilet behind our table thanks to Batman and Robin and managed to keep it a secret for almost the whole weekend.
I wrote a longer, and more accurate, report for Mr John Freeman's

The Joker

The show was also covered for The Beat blog at Publisher's Weekly by J1P's Ade Brown, although it suffers slightly from featuring a photo of me in full comic convention flow (thanks to Susie for pointing that out!). I'm actually being pumped for information by a Scottish journalist reporting for a Birmingham newspaper. If anyone knows which one or saw a copy of the Sunday edition, please let me know if I got a mention!

Your highly recommended link for the day is the blog of freelance writing fiend Matthew Badham. Apart from having excellent taste in comics (his favourite creators are reported to be Paul Grist, Sean Azzopardi, Jeremy Dennis and me) he is both a lucid and entertaining writer. His articles for Judge Dredd Megazine have made it a much more interesting read and his barely-a-week-old blog already has some very interesting stuff up there so go take a look!

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