Friday, October 06, 2006

Hi everyone

As some of you will already know, this weekend is the official global 24
Hour Comics Day.

I will be taking part in the event being held at the ICA on The Mall:

Official UK 24 Hour Comics Day Kick-off
6 October 2006
This one-day worldwide phenomenon of comics creativity, brainchild of
Amercian comics guru Scott McCloud, author of Understanding Comics, hits
the UK. Be there when the Comica team of cartoonists including Steven
Appleby from The Guardian and Telegraph, David Baillie, Matt Broersma,
Umisen-Yamasen Studio (Chi-Tan, Inko and Hepi Ichiko) and Le Gun crew
start creating their spontaneous 24-page 24-hour comics.

In case you’re not familiar with the concept – the participants each
have 24 hours to write and draw a complete 24-page comic (minus all the
time spent eating, weeing, brushing their teeth etc.). Just to put that
in context my last 24-page comic took me just over a calendar month.

While I’m very much looking forward to the challenge, I think it would
make it much more worthwhile if I could raise some money for a good
cause in the process, so I am seeking sponsorship.

All donations will go to the comics based charity Just One Page, helmed
by the tireless Adrian Brown, which for the last four years has raised
funds for a variety of causes through comics related activities and
publications. This year the worthy recipient is Childline UK.

I’ve included a handy guide for those whose maths skills have failed
them this morning.
10p – 24 pages completed - £2.40
20p – 24 pages completed - £4.80
50p – 24 pages completed - £12.00
£1 – 24 pages completed - £24.00
So if you were to sponsor me 10p a page, your final donation (assuming I
complete the challenge) will be £2.40. Of course you can donate whatever
you want, or can afford to, and any amount at all will be very
gratefully received. All supporters will, of course, receive a copy of
the comic I finally produce after the 24 hours.

So just hit the mailMe link at the top of page to send me an email!

Also anyone who feels like coming down to the ICA (it’s just off
Trafalgar Square) to cheer us on is more than welcome. (I think it’s
being filmed, too – so you might get some screen time). I'll be there
this evening from 10pm until midnight and then again tomorrow
from midday until midnight.

Please feel free to pass this on to anyone you think may be inclined to

Many thanks


Anonymous said...

Did you manage to get all 24pp done?

I would've partcipated, but I was busy doing...something.

BTW, nice to see that you have posting on your blog now. ;-)

Ade said...

Hey Dave, we got sixteen comics (unless I missed anyone) and only three didn't make it to 24 pages !


David Baillie said...

Hey Susie

How you doing?
Yeah, all finished. It was tough though - I can tell you. Just getting up with the normal folks now three days later!

First post!

David Baillie said...

Hey Ade!

Some good photos of other people, there... And someone who looks a bit like me.

Douglas said...

All finished?


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