Monday, August 14, 2006

It’s been a long and tiring week and weekend.

First let me explain something to anyone who has been trying to contact me – my email and phone have both been broken this week. Some emails haven’t made it through (if you’re waiting on a response to something please send it again, just in case) and I haven’t been able to pick up voicemail for the last couple of weeks (text message may be the way to go – but send later today because I don’t even know where my phone is right now).

Last week was the second, and final, week of my short IT contract. It went very well, far better than I thought it might, and I ended up really enjoying myself. I was getting into the swing of things by the end of the week.
But I wasn’t really getting into the commute.
It stayed being nasty.

On Monday night I did a photo shoot for the film project I’m working on, which was great fun. I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into that, but it’s a few items down the list. First I have to draw 5 more pages of a comic featuring a large Scottish robot, transcribe the second half of an interview with an indie cartoonist and draw a faux Manga porn scene for one of Britain’s hottest new designers. (He’s Australian actually…)

Last Wednesday I discovered a place called Leon’s in the new ‘redeveloped’ bit of Spittalfields market (I bet it’s called New Spittalfields or something like that). ‘Fast food done right,’ it proclaims on the outside, which I think is selling itself short.
The food didn’t come that fast, either. But when it did arrive it was damn tasty – grilled chicken with wild rice, yoghurt and a bit of green.
I don’t think it did any harm that they had all the days newspapers and some Spider-Man annuals from the 80s for diners to read!

Anyway after that I made it home for about 8pm and promptly fell asleep in my clothes, only waking up for the 6am alarm call. Did I mention that I didn’t really get used to the commute?

At the end of the contract I spent a night in St Albans with the comics posse that resides there, playing the usual karaoke games and watching David Lynch short films.

Joel’s blog has moved – it’s now here.

Two very different takes on Pirates of Caribbean 2
Joel and Ask A Ninja

And I read this in the Guardian last week and thought it was fantastic:
August 1991. Sir Tim Berners-Lee posts the computer code for his world wide web on to an internet discussion group, making it publicly available for the first time.

1991-1995. Nothing happens.

September 1996. I buy a modem and hook it up to my computer. For the first time in history I am able to check and see if I have any email. I do not. Undaunted, I attempt to send my first email, a letter of complaint to my new internet service provider. In the end I have to print it out and fax it to them. There is no reply.

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