Friday, June 02, 2006

Greetings Journal Readers and welcome to another thrilling instalment of ‘What did Dave do today?’ Well today Dave’s done nothing – it’s early give me time! – but yesterday was chock full of stuff, so let’s talk about that.

In the morning I went for a swim, steam and sauna and wrote the end of a short story while eating breakfast (yeah – it was that early!). Then I met up with Joel Meadows and Duncan and Diana Fegredo to go see the Pixar exhibition at the Science Museum, which was fantastic. I tend not to shell out for many exhibitions since there is so much great stuff to see in museums for free in London, but this was well worth the 9 quid. On show was production and design artwork from all the films, the 3D resin models used to create the wireframe CGI characters and a whole bunch of other fascinating stuff like a mesmerizing zoetrope of Pixar characters.

It closes on the 11th June, so hurry along if you can.

Afterwards I had lunch with the above-mentioned fine folks and then toddled along to Merrily We Roll Along at the Bridewell (which, despite what everyone thinks hasn’t closed down at all…). It was, as is to be expected from Sondheim and Furth, a very good show and I’d heartily recommend this, too. It’s on until the 10th of June.

Incidentally Little Britain’s Matt Lucas was sitting just in front of us during the show, which wouldn’t normally be worth mentioning but it just so happens that I sat next to Ricky from Eastenders on the tube that morning and then bumped into Michael Burke while strolling along the Thames with Joel and the Fegredos. Do ‘Celebrity’ encounters always come in threes?

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