Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Things are moving slowly here this week. Work-wise: Writing a new short story, while finishing off two shorts I starting some five years ago (before the days when I made damn sure I finished everything I started). Also writing an eight page comics script for someone based not a million miles from here (which I’m determined to convince the editor to let me draw, too…). On top of all that I’m studying Java in an attempt to score a contract sometime soon and designing a book cover.

I am in a huge amount of pain after doing a class at my gym yesterday. The instructor decided to pick on me and make me do everything with far-too-heavy weights or faster-than-is-possible-if-you're-me. I think he must think I’m someone else – someone he has a grudge against perhaps. I’m walking like a penguin today anyway.

Next Thursday (the 8th) is the Just 1 Page launch party, about which Ade Brown says the following:
The almost legendary charity comic magazine - this year with a World Cup Theme - will be launched on 8th June at The Plough, Museum Street, London WC2.

Starting from 6pm, you are welcome to come along, meet some of the artists and see the art due to be auctioned. Including the stunning statue of Shaun of the Dead.
Ade also tells me that absolutely everyone is welcome. This is his last year of doing J1P and it would be great to see him raise an enormous amount of cash for Childline. He’s raised over a thousand pounds this year already – and that’s before the auctions start. So come on over and lend your support.

I liked this from Saturday’s Guardian – an interview with Nobel Prize winning paddy poet Seamus Heany:
I always said that when I met MacDiarmid, I had met a great poet who said 'Och'. I felt confirmed. You can draw a line from maybe Dundalk across England, north of which you say 'Och', south of which you say 'Well, dearie me'. In that monosyllable, there's a world view, nearly.

One of my favourite daily strips ended at the weekend.

Unfit – you will be missed. Can’t wait to see what Mike Belkin comes up with next as this was lots of fun? (Although I kind of wish he’d wrapped it all up somehow – maybe with an apocalyptic bang or something).

I can’t believe May is almost over with. Where did it go? In particular the last week… Does anyone any idea what I did with it?

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