Friday, June 17, 2005

Having a bit of tooth trouble. I woke up a few mornings ago, after having a violent dream, and my jaws were clenched shut. Ever since then one of my teeth has been quite painful.
Don’t suppose any dentists are reading this?

Been a busy week – just sitting here writing, occasionally drawing something and then sleeping when I’m tired.

Some links for you:
A plumber caught on camera relieving himself in a customer's loft has been found guilty of attempted deception.
(Never trust a plumber)
An e-mail row between an executive and a secretary at a London law firm over a £4 dry cleaning bill has made its way around rival firms.
Baker & McKenzie's Richard Phillips e-mailed Jenny Amner implying she had spilt tomato ketchup on his trousers and asking her to foot the bill.
She apologised for her late reply a week later, blaming the "more pressing issue" of her mother's death.
(Never trust a lawyer)

Which reminded me of this from a few months ago:
Ex-No 10 media chief Alastair Campbell is at the centre of a new political row over an e-mail containing a four-letter outburst aimed at BBC journalists.
Mr Campbell sent the missive by mistake to BBC2's Newsnight after it sought to question his role in Labour's controversial poster campaign.
(Never trust a politician!)

I’m going back to writing my comics-related project and nursing my sore mouth.
Have a good weekend.

And no. I haven’t seen Batman Begins yet.

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