Saturday, June 25, 2005

Great weekend (apart from the throbbing tooth, which has now stopped - must get it sorted out when I return).

Went to see The General at the Prince Charles on Friday night (with live piano accompaniment!) and it was absolutely fantastic! I remember reading an article in the Guardian (I think) by Paul Merton recommending that you see a silent movie in the cinema, as watching it on a television just doesn't do it justice.
He was so right.

We also saw The Life Aquatic at the same cinema on Friday night, which was also great. I know that my mate James will disagree with this vehemently. That's up to him. He liked Batman Begins, just like I said he would, so I win!

And then on Saturday we did the Colourscape. Words cannot describe how cool this is - go check out the website.
It'll be in Clapham in September.

And with that, I shall return to work.

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