Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Up early to sort out my finances, go for a swim, maybe see The Incredibles again in the cinema and then have a night out.

My Inbox is still stuffed full of stuff I wish I had time to reply to, but as you can see from the above, I'm busier than the Prime Minister! (Oh I also have a stack of writing work to be getting on with. Where is all of my time going?)

This is a fantastic read, from yesterday's T2 supplement:

In her book, she describes her father’s fixation with tidiness. “Daddy was neat almost to the point of obsession,” she writes. “He never washed his hands without using two or three towels to wipe dry the basin and faucets,” she writes.

I ask her if she remembers any other examples of this characteristic. “I don’t really understand the question.” I explain, adding that I read her description about Christmas — how her father liked to have his presents neatly stacked and would throw all wrapping paper away immediately. “I don’t think that’s unusual, frankly,” she retorts.

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