Tuesday, April 05, 2005

This is some of the funniest comics blogging I have ever read.

ORACLE: You’re going bankrupt.

BB: Really?

ORACLE: Yeah, it’s what happens to rich people in comics. The Fantastic Four, Tony Stark…they go bankrupt like every five years.

BB: Yeah, but they’re Marvel. This is DCU. We’re shiny and happy and powerful and we get along.

ORACLE: You do know this is a followup to Identity Crisis, right?

BB: Oh. Crap. We’d best get you off-panel before somebody horribly mutilates you.

ORACLE: Yeah, I hear imitating Alan Moore is “in” this year. By the way, OMAC is due for a revamp. Also, Booster Gold is using your ATM card.

BB: You know, for the CEO of a tech company I’m remarkably not worried about how easy it is for people like you to pry into secure systems. Thanks for the tip.

Of course it won't make any sense unless you've read last week's Countdown to Infinite Crisis. And if you haven't read that, and are even remotely planning to, then definitely don't read it.

Apologies for the way the Journal looked over the weekend - Blogger threw a wobbly and wouldn't let me post a bunch of stuff. And forced me to double post other stuff. I got the Doctor Who thingy up eventually but I think I'll have to retype the entry I wrote about weird reverse placebo effect with respect to dog allergies...

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