Wednesday, September 01, 2004

What a cracking day!
I’m in my back garden office working on something for the October London Comics Festival. I was up until about three last night writing, but the sun shone so brightly into my bedroom this morning I couldn’t sleep on.

Jen’s mixing with celebs this week – yesterday she gave John Leslie a piano lesson and Sylvester ‘Doctor WHO’ McCoy bought her a sandwich for lunch. (She’s working on a new production of Pride and Prejudice at RADA).
The best I can offer to compete with that is I received a letter from Dave Sim yesterday, in which he told me he found my writing engaging, but my art needed working on.

Cyprus next Wednesday and I have a ton of work to get through before then so I’d better go.

I’ll leave you with this report of very healthy ticket sales at the Fringe this year.
I’d love to see a similar report, but from the perspective of the people who put on the shows. How many broke even or even made money? It’s a tough game…

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