Monday, August 30, 2004

As I sit having breakfast in the ruins of the Edinburgh Festival, watching props being packed into vans and actors queuing for buses and trains out of the city, I wonder how many got what they were looking for when they decided to bring their show here. It must be crushing, having put in so much effort, only to leave after a month of performing to empty houses with thousands of pounds of debt and a bruised ego to show for it.

Some shows are finishing tonight but I'm burnt out on festival shenanigans, exhausted by lack of sleep and laughing too much, and can’t stay another night.

Yesterday we went to both of the hastily arranged benefit gigs for comedians who suffered because of the Pleasance’s decision to have bumper comedy shows in the evening instead of at the usual midnight hour - when no one has to compete with the five-comedians-for-a-tenner bargain.
Very funny stuff, and it’s nice to know that the money is going into the pockets of those who have been working hard all month, rather than back-office leeches and talentless, fat landlords who wouldn’t know one end of a microphone from another.

Looking forward to getting some sleep...

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