Saturday, September 25, 2004

I've come to a Chinese cafe to draw thumbnails.
Most of this morning I've been lying in bed doing nothing necessary or interesting and I thought the change of scene might inspire me.
I'm not actually as lazy as that makes me sound - I was up until five this morning doing some artwork for a friend so I probably deserve the late rise!

I’m trying to motivate myself for this big project. When I'm finished it'll be the longest work I'll have illustrated - thirty pages, which is a bit daunting.
And at the back of my mind when I’m doing something like this is always the nagging suspicion that it’s actually not as good as I think it is, and probably not worth the effort. I have to keep swatting those kinds of thoughts out of the way and just get on with it.

Anyway - I'm finding it much easier to get started today with a pot of green tea in front of me, and the smell of my breakfast/lunch cooking in the background.

Apologies to anyone who's sent me any email over the last two weeks - I know I've been really crap, but every time I look at my inbox and see that huge stack of blinking unread mail I really can’t be arsed.

Maybe tomorrow...

(Films to see this month: Hero, De-Lovely, Sky Captain, the Metallica docu and the new film about Peter Sellers with Geoffrey Rush).

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