Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Desperately trying to get in the mood to produce something for the London Comics Festival in October. Normally I wouldn’t be thinking this far in advance but I’m in Edinburgh for almost a week next week, and then Cyprus for a fortnight and I’m at the V Festival this weekend… If I were the sort of person who counted ‘working days left’ I’d be a bit worried.

Good weekend.
After a hectic night on the tiles on Friday I relaxed at the Open Air Theatre on Saturday where Midsummer Nights Dream was playing. Russ Abbott was fantastic, as always, and I thanked him on the way out. He looked a bit surprised by that – hopefully he’s since figured out what I was thanking him for.
On Sunday I saw the London School of Musical Theatre’s summer show and sat three rows back from David Hasselhoff.

My Captain Britain art for the Just One Page charity is up on eBay now. No bids yet, but fingers crossed Ade makes lots of money for his good cause this year.

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