Monday, July 19, 2004

I should be asleep, as I really want to get up early and cycle to the gym tomorrow morning...
Erm... I mean in a few hours time.
Will I be brave enough to set the alarm at this hour?
I've been trying to write tonight, but I'm so tired. Writing when you haven't had enough sleep is like trying to swim in raspberry jam.
While wearing a boiler suit.
And I seem to have been almost bitten to death by something small and insecty (or more likely many such creatures). I'm pinning the blame on the plague of flying ants that London suffered on Saturday - at least until someone mails me with evidence that they don't bite.
Some nice things have been written about me and my comics over at Silver Bullet Comics (again!) this time by Mr Alan Donald:
"Baillie has an easy and natural writing style that comes through effortlessly throughout all the different stories.
Both of these comics are worth getting hold of as I very much feel we have the early work here of a talent to watch for the future."
Thankyou and goodnight.

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