Monday, June 21, 2004

Xfm’s Christian O’Connell is talking on the phone to a Croatian DJ (I think his name is Davor) this morning about the big match tonight, and how we should all visit Zagreb (I’ll give you a clue - most of the reasons involve the fairer sex and their wardrobe choices during the summer).

Davor told us how the fans have sent out a few Croatian ladies ‘of the low morality’ to find Wayne Rooney and try to put him off his game. He also told the tale of a Scottish journalist who has gone out to Portugal with some turf from Wembley, apparently stolen from the game where Scotland beat England immediately after their (in)famous World Cup victory. Davor says that the Croatian soccer team have all smoked a piece of this turf in preparation for tonight.

I’ve checked the Daily Record’s website (there’s a guy called Bob who writes for them that would be a prime suspect) but I can’t see any mention…

Yesterday I found out that my gym has a sauna, and indeed has done for the last year that I’ve been a member. (This revelation comes almost exactly a week after I had a fantastic swim and sauna in Ireland, and went around for days saying things like ‘I wish my gym had a sauna, I’d use it all the time!’).

Last night I saw Jersey Girl, which I thought was very good. Maybe I was just in the mood for that sort of film (whatever that is) but it didn’t feel that way when I settled down in the cinema, so I actually think that the film itself won me over.
Kevin Smith has managed to write a whole 120 minute movie without any fart jokes, hard as that may be to believe. Critics are calling this his first mature film, and suggesting that this is a new direction for his writing. Personally I think Chasing Amy was mature, and even Clerks had some mature themes, which were dealt with in a serious manner. And with the bare minimum of fart jokes.
I heartily recommend it. It’s nowhere near as soppy as some comics fans have been suggesting on the boards, and it’s definitely not a chick flick. Let me know what you think.

OK – I’m going to get up and make some breakfast now. I’ve run out of strawberries and cream so it’s back to muesli.
Still yum, though.

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