Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is amazing - go see it!
Butterfly Effect is great - but scary. Go see it if you're man enough. (And see if you can jump less than seven times, you lose points for screaming like a girl too - even if you are a girl!)

X-Statix, one of the most clued-up, media-savvy comic books in the history of the medium, is finishing soon. Time for you to track down the trade paperbacks and enrich your life.

Four days and counting until I'm completely and utterly freelance. It's a scary concept, so I'm not thinking about it. My plans for the first month are to completely chill (ie. not actually write or draw anything), watch some films, read some books, catch up with all the people I should have been phoning/e-mailing over the last two months and go the Robert McKee's Story seminar in London, and then the Bristol Comics Festival (in Bristol).

And then the real work begins...

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