Wednesday, April 21, 2004

This morning I forgot my security pass.
(Yes I'm still in the day job - I need the money give me a break! I'm finishing up in three weeks time – if you want to come to my retirement do mail me at the above address, and I'll make sure you're on the invite list).
Sorry, back to my story...

So I got to reception and realised that I had no proximity pass. Leaning over the barrier I told the security guard who didn't seem very surprised.
'What is it with today?' he said, 'I've had more people looking for temporary passes this morning than any other day since I’ve been here. Sign the sheet and I'll sort it for you'.

I eyed the sheet and tried to figure out where to put my name. As he’d explained there were already twenty or thirty names down already and it was still only eight o clock.
I printed my name in the first column, wrote the date and time in the second and put my signature in the third. The fourth column requested my temporary pass number. I looked up the sheet to see if they were consecutive; 4, 12, 22, 8... No - they weren't.
'Sorry, what is my temporary pass number?' I asked.
'Lemme just check' the guard said. He tapped at his keyboard and came back with a grin.
'666 apparently!'

7 inch scissors left in patient at the BBC.

And actually, after checking it's not three weeks- only two weeks and two and half days.

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