Monday, March 01, 2004

Been busy.
Very, very busy.

I woke up this morning to the absence of alarm clock noise that usually means it's Saturday or Sunday. Today it meant I'd set the alarm on my mobile phone and then it had died during the night. So instead of starting the fourth day of my new contract at 8 am (as I am obliged to for the rest of this week) I started at half past nine.
I got a nice pain au chocolate for breakfast, a coffee and sauntered in as if I was twenty minutes early.
Bad me.

The new contract looks like it's going to be a bit of a handfull, at least for the first few weeks which is why no one has received e-mail and/or updates on work they're expecting from me.

I finished the office job and headed straight for the pub. Not to drink beer (of course not!) but instead to eat Thai Food. The public house in question also had a floor show today; an old drunk man who kept telling everyone to wake up or asking them if they were black. The landlady somehow convinced him that it was closing time and got him to leave.
I worked my way through a yellow prawn curry and inked two pages of Scribe.

Tonight I'm going to read another What-A-Mess (courtesy of my lovely girlfriend) and the next issue of Hush and draw a bit and then sleep.
And then get up and make it in to work for 8.

Or that's the plan anyway.

Oh and the cough is still here. I felt fine yesterday until I went for a swim.
I hate to say this but...
My dad told me so!

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