Friday, February 27, 2004

Still feel pretty crappy.

Nearly finished the one page comic thing for the UKWebComixThing Exhibitors Anthology. I did some of the lettering while eating prawn curry in a pub by the Thames. If you think that sounds very civilised you obviously haven't been in the pub I'm talking about.

Scribe is coming along nicely, with about seventeen penciled pages (five of those inked to varying degrees) and the cover (front and back) all done. And the drawings of Henry Larson (or someone) are half done.

Tonight I'll be drinking free cocktails and eating little things at Abacus, a new bar in the City. You can't come as it's a ticketed event.
Well you can come if you have a ticket.
Otherwise you can't.

Oh - the new Probot record is really good. (I think that's the web site, it was Flashing about too much for my delicate retinas so I shut it down).

I'd be witty and say something insightful, or maybe link to a news story but I really don't feel up to it. I have a fruit and nut white chocolate muesli thing and I'd rather spend the next few minutes eating that instead.

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