Thursday, February 05, 2004

Johnny Rotten said 'fuck' on the telly in 1976 and the nation nearly collapsed.
He did it again (and used the c word!) on Tuesday night and 100 people complained. This obvious loss of prestige and power over the nation (they reckon) led to him walking off that b-list-celebrities-in-the-jungle-with-Jordan program. Actually I think he probably just realised that he was making an absolute fool of himself, and losing any credibility he had left, by appearing on it and he because he couldn't bear the shame.

"We do need swear words, they are a useful expression of anger, but they need to be used sparingly. The only real swear word there is now is the c-word, and we don't want that to become normalised. If people have no swear words left, who knows - they might not be able to express their anger and might end up hitting someone."

Miranda Suit, of the broadcasting standards campaign group Media March said at the BBC today.
I laughed so much at this I nearly swore.
Out loud too!

Boothby Graffoe (who is very funny live) makes a good point.

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