Wednesday, December 31, 2003

So here we are at the end of 2003, hoping that 2004 will be even better (or in some cases just better).

I'm writing this while waiting for lunchtime sushi being delivered, and the hunger is making me grumpy.
Couldn't care less about 2003 - as far as I'm concerned it's already in the past.

And (grumpily) onto Princess Anne and her crack commando team of killer dogs.
Here, here and here.

After the first one we thought she had a bit of a bad dog on her hands. Then we find out she has a second bad dog on her hands. And then we find out this one likes attacking human beings too (like the first bad dog) - not just timid corgis.

If this was a middle aged bloke in a housing estate in Dagenham with six bull terriers he'd have lost them all after the first attack. He might even have been jailed. Instead she got a smack on the wrist. I mean come on - a five hundred pound fine? What is that to the Princess Royal?

Of course if one of our Dagenham hypothetical's dogs had killed one of the Queen's corgis he'd be in the tower right now. The analogy falls down at the maid attack as he's very unlikely to have one.

I think what pisses me off the most about this fiasco is that two children were injured, a maid, and a corgi and there has been more fuss over the inbred dog than any of the others.
Although I suppose they were only commoners.
Give them some cake.

Hope I've made my point.
Last one of 2003.

Here's to a less horrible annus next year!

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