Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Well after getting my arse shot off at the weekend I am bruised and battered, slightly grumpy and walking funny.
No - I didn't audition for the marines, I'm just talking about paintball. I can't cut my hair this week because then the lumps on my skull would be even more obvious. As it is it looks like I've got rickets or something when I go swimming because of the rainbow coloured blemishes all over my torso and legs...

The Caragiale exhibition in Romania has been postponed for a few months, but I can't remember why.
But I have a couple of other art jobs on the horizon - the first of which I started last night. I'll be providing some images for an sms picture messaging website. That will keep me busy until I leave.
Yes - I'm going away.
For a month.

From the 5th October until the 5th November I'll be globe trotting. Among the highlights of my world tour are the south island of New Zealand, Bangkok and Melbourne (just in time for a bit of the Rugby World Cup, so I might need to buy a kilt before then).
I'm going to take a sketch book with me and hammer out my magnus opus graphic novel as I hop between continents. Some of those flights are mighty long, so I might even bloody finish it!
And I'm going to read Watership Down.
Because I never have, and I want to.

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