Friday, August 01, 2003

Upon entering West Hampstead library last Saturday I wandered over to where they keep the graphic novels (I know the location of the graphic novel section in almost every library in London). Unfortunately, like a lot of other libraries in the UK, this was the Young Adult section.

A bit embarrassing, but I think if nothing else the fact that the GN shelves get so much attention from non-Young Adults might encourage the librarians to move it to somewhere more appropriate.

Jen looked worried - 'Why are you in the Kids section?' (demoted yet again!)

I hope someone learns from the following tale (found on The Pulse):

Dan Clowes' Ghost World was found in the kiddies section on a brummy library and the local parents thought it quite inapropriate.

"International best-seller Ghost World by Daniel Clowes is just 80 pages long but contains the "F" word 50 times and another more offensive word twice."
Oh my. That doesn't sound like The Famous Five at all.

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