Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Bob Hope's daughter asked him where he wanted to buried when he died.
'Surprise me' he said.
I like that.

It's bucketing down outside.

Got a scanner for a fiver at the weekend (!) at a car boot sale and it's actually really good quality. I spent most of last night scanning drawings in, and playing around with Photoshop. My bedroom's beginning to look less like a scene from a William Gibson novel, and more like an artist's office.
Which is probably a good thing.

After mastering Photoshop, I'm going to concentrate on my watercolour skills.

Had a fantastic weekend, despite LRT's new 'hit and run' policy being the main feature of the journey home from The Ballad of Little Jo on Saturday night. I checked the web leaving the scene of an accident (at high speed) is still indeed illegal, even if you're driving a double decker red bus.

Little Jo was fantastic nonetheless, and Jen and I went to Frinton-on-Sea on Sunday (stopping off halfway to visit the aforementioned car boot sale). We paddled in the sea, had a picnic, went bowling and then ate fast food for dinner.
All of which were fun.

Reading the third Marvel Alias trade. Just finished the second Alan Moore Supreme collection (very good, but not as good as the first which was a nice complete story, this one I think had a lot more steam left). Next up is Brooklyn Dreams, the latest Spirit hardcover and the Complete Crumb from the mid 80s.

And so ends the most fragmented and rambling Blog post I've ever written.

Oh good.
The rain's stopped.

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