Wednesday, May 07, 2003

It's too sunny to write Journal entries!

Am doing ;
Finishing off Epic submissions (all 5 of which are about 80% done)
Printing out many copies of AF#1 for Bristol 2003
Turning slowly brown in the sun

Reading ;
Pattern Recognition - William Gibson
Dark Horse Presents (Jan - Dec 1992) - various

Have read (since last entry) ;
Fables - Bill Willingham (was ok)
Daredevil - Frank Miller + Billy Sinky Witch (was good, but quite similar to Elektra Assassin)
Moebius Collected Fantasies 2 - Moebius (very good, haven't read much Moebius, will make more of an effort)

That's your lot.
You're only getting that much because the sun's just slipped behind some clouds!

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