Thursday, May 08, 2003

From BBC News, an article on the resignation of infamous right-winger Barry Legg from his post as the chief executive the British Conservative party, over revelations on Radio 4 about scandals he had been involved in.

"As a Westminster councillor, he played a key part in a decision, later condemned by a public inquiry commissioned by the council, to move homeless families into two London tower blocks known to be riddled with asbestos.

As company secretary of food company Hillsdown Holdings, Mr Legg was also involved in a decision to remove an £18m surplus from a pension fund, which a High Court judgment described as unjust and unauthorised.

The company was ordered to repay the money with interest."

Anyone who wants political power should be instantly disqualified from ever being allowed to have any.
Can't remember who said that, but I think about how valid that statement is quite often. Usually after reading a story like this.

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