Monday, May 26, 2003

Bristol 2003 was fantastic!

I shifted about 300 copies of my comics, some to people I really look up to - Simon Furman, Martin Eden, Al Davidson, Gary Spencer Millidge et al. I'm really chuffed that they'll actually read (at least if they didn't throw it in the bin as soon as I was out of sight!) something I've done.

The weekend could have started badly. They trains from Paddington were on some sort of Sunday-from-hell service, and I got to my hotel (or rural retreat as it's perhaps more accurate to describe its function this weekend) about two hours later than I'd planned.
Then I went swimming.. And broke my toe.
Or at least I think I did.

Apart from the sunbrun I suffered today in Bath (and the rampaging hooligans whose antics led to me being locked in a pub in Bristol last night for an hour or so, reluctantly chowing down on some fine Sunday roast, but I'm not counting that as bad at all!) it was the only bad thing that happened all weekend.

So I'm sitting here pink, and happy.
More tomorrow, after I get a proper night sleep.

Oh - and Martin Eden just e-mailed me. His O Men (along with the latest copies of Zarjaz) kept me company on the way back home today.
Great stuff.

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