Saturday, June 20, 2009

If you hop on over to you'll find my fantasy graphic novel Tongue of the Dead unfolding a page at a time.

I'll be updating every Mon and Thurs, except this week when I'll be putting up a new page daily in anticipation of the London Underground Comics event 176 this Saturday.

The Sequential is a group blog showcasing the work of LUC comics creators, and if you subscribe via RSS you can expect to see the finest comics from Sean 'Necessary Monsters' Azzopardi, Douglas 'Avengers' Noble, Oli 'Doctor Who' Smith and Jake 'mates with Warren Ellis' Harold.

On the front page right now, as well as the first few pages of Tongue of the Dead, you'll find episode 9 of Sightings of Wallace Sendak by Azzopardi and Noble, DHSS Assessment Blues by the incredible Francesca Cassavetti and A Guide to Breaking Your Toe by me.

If you get a chance to mention this on a blog, to a friend or even mumble it in your sleep I will be forever in your debt.

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