Thursday, March 17, 2005

Happy St Patrick’s Day.
And welcome back to my old friend the Sun.
(Not The Sun, of course. That’s a different beast altogether).
I can’t wait until the summer comes in properly and I can spend my days working in the park instead of my house. Fresh air and UV light… I feel cheery just thinking about it!

I’m busily polishing things for the Thing this weekend, which is why I’ve been so quiet.

Really looking forward to taking part in the potentially world record breaking 24 Minute Comic:

THE 24 Minute Mini Comic

A World Record Attempt

A comic conceived, written and drawn .. THEN PRINTED ... during the day.
24 artists (or artist and writer teams) attending the "UK Web & Mini Comix Thing" will each spend less than half an hour during the day drawing a page of minicomic. The 24 pages will then be assembled and photocopied and be available for sale by the final hour of the event.

The finished comic will also appear as an insert in Just 1 Page 3 to be published in May 2005 - which will also feature web address & contact details for all 24 Minute Mini Comic contributors.
Mike Carey, of Lucifer and Hellblazer fame, will be providing 24 rhyming couplets by way of a structure/script.
Should be great fun.

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