Sunday, April 04, 2004

Listening to Sgt Pepper, wishing it was sunny.
Looking forward to being a completely free man in five weeks.
Also looking forward to Robert McKee's Story lecture in six weeks (although not the early starts that will involve)

Well this weekend I have managed to...

Finish off the soccer diagrams for Andy and Gogs' book.
Remembered to tell Ade Brown that I've finished my page for his Just One Page charity comic.
Watch Jen play with Chorus Mundi on Friday, and kvell as everyone there congratulated her on her self-composed solo piece.
Meet Maggie Davidson (wife of Al) at said concert.
Bought some DVDs.
Cut my hair.
Went to the gym.

And I didn't manage to...

Pack all of my belongings into boxes so next week when I move house it'll be a lot easier.
Do anything to the three scripts I was working on just before I started work on Scribe.
Make it to the comics mart at Kings Cross.
Watch any TV.

No problem with the last two actually as I really don't need any more comics to pack and TV wasn't one of my goals for this weekend anyway. Sorry my life isn't more interesting - but to be fair you're the one reading a blog!

Why don't you go do something less boring instead?

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