Sunday, March 28, 2004

OK - some things I missed while I was doing other things:

I knew that Bob Monkhouse was a cartoonist (he was published in the Beano when he was younger) but I didn't know he was this good! The absent minded doodles on the shooting script for his last television work are better than most of the stuff which actually makes it to the printing presses.

"Once he [Bob] said 'I remember once I used to go out with Sammy Davis Jr and Lionel Blair.' But he seemed very discreet - he said something about seeing Marilyn Monroe on the toilet and Frank Sinatra threw a punch at him."

The story of how Satsuma and Pumpkin came to get a pilot is quite amusing too.

My second link today is a story, which I can barely believe isn't an early April fools joke:

"A spokeswoman for the University Hospital NHS Trust said: "A consultant was suspended on Wednesday following an alleged incident at the hospital which did not relate to any patient or another member of staff."

In fact Dr Terence Hope, a leading neuro-surgeon who has worked at Nottingham's Queen's Medical Centre for 18 years was suspended while an investigation was carried out to see if he'd taken an extra serving of soup (and croutons) from the canteen without paying.

'Lord Warner, replying to a debate on the suspension of NHS staff, added: "I am reliably informed that there will be no detriment to patients, because the work that that doctor was due to perform will be covered by his colleagues." '

Yes, because leading neuro-surgeons are famous for having lots of spare time and will be able to pick up the slack without any trouble or 'detriment to patients'.

In fact three patients had their scheduled operations postponed. The hospital apologised, which I’m sure makes them feel much better.

The whole ridiculous tale can be found and gaped at in awe here.
If someone doesn't swing for this I want to know why.

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