Thursday, November 06, 2003

Everything feels weird now that I'm back.
I put on my old watch for the first time in a month, and it feels huge and heavy. My right arm swings like the pendulum from the Pit when I walk, as a result.

I put on my glasses this morning for the first time in nearly five weeks and everything became crisp and clear. The monitor got nearer, and I could see that I needed to clean my finger nails.
I've been missing out on the detail.

I do realise I'm behind on my travelBlog, but I have all the notes on paper and just need to transfer them. To be honest I had better things to do with my time while I was away than sit in a sweaty internet cafe bashing away at a dodgy keyboard with a reluctant spacebar.

My travel comic is about 40% done (at a very rough estimate) and will be online probably around the same time as this year's Xmas card designs.
Which will kick ass.
I promise.

Apart from that my jet lag is knocking the hell out of me, despite it being the good kind (travelling westwards you get good jet lag; wide awake early in the morning and tired in the evenings - which is the opposite of how I am naturally).

Back to work. Two hours left.
Odds of making it 3-1 and getting ever slimmer...

Is it good to back?
I'm not answering that!

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